October 2023 Designers

The Eco-FRiendly Show

Meet The Designers

Embrace sustainability and eco-conscious fashion at the remarkable Eco-Friendly Show during Chicago FashionBar Week. Experience a showcase of innovative designs that merge style and environmental responsibility in a harmonious blend. Discover how fashion can make a positive impact as talented designers present collections crafted from eco-friendly materials and incorporating sustainable practices. Immerse yourself in a world where conscious fashion meets artistic expression, inspiring a greener future. Join us in celebrating the beauty of eco-fashion and be part of the movement towards a more sustainable and stylish world.


Christos at Empress - Christos Taltsidis

Christos Furs

Christos Taltsidis

Screenshot 2023-10-10 160447

FashionBar Sustainable

Tony Long

38940E38-D09B-40DF-988D-A647A0546A56 - Goda Latvys

Good Vibe Gooda


The Evening Wear Show

Meet The Designers

Step into a world of glamour and sophistication at our Evening Wear fashion show. Be dazzled by the elegance and allure of stunning evening gowns and formal attire. Witness designers showcasing their creations that epitomize luxury and grace. Experience an evening of opulence and timeless beauty as we celebrate the artistry of evening wear.


My headshot - ODIE DESIGNS


Opeoluwa Dele-Ige

The Modern & Ready to Wear Show

Meet The Designers

Discover the beauty of simplicity and effortless style at our Modern Minimalist & Ready to Wear fashion show. Experience the elegance of clean lines, contemporary silhouettes, and versatile designs. Witness designers who celebrate minimalist fashion while maintaining a sense of sophistication and individuality. Join us for an evening of understated chic and modern aesthetics.

Non-Profit Beneficiary – The Mary E Smith Foundation



House of Drayton

Edith Giles

EB Pink Paisley Beach - Blakely Bespoke

Blakely Bespoke

Erica Blakely

PIC1 - kavitha rao

Amitha Fashions

Kavitha Rao

DAJ07438 - Nisha Patel

Sha & Vani

Nisha Patel & Shavani PAtel

The Next Generation Student Show

Meet The Designers

Celebrate the future of fashion with our Next Generation fashion show. Experience the creativity and innovation of emerging designers as they present their visionary collections. Witness the fresh perspectives, bold designs, and unique expressions of the next generation of fashion. Join us for an afternoon filled with talent and promising potential.


Headshot - Victoria Rose Sweeney

Victoria Sweeney Intimates

victoria sweeney

IMG_6089 - Carlotta King

Kings Klothing

Carlotta King 

the urban & Streetwear Show

Meet The Designers

Immerse yourself in the urban energy and street style vibes at our Urban & Street fashion show. Experience the fusion of fashion and urban culture as designers showcase their edgy and contemporary collections. Witness the latest trends in streetwear, urban chic, and cutting-edge fashion. Join us for an evening that captures the essence of urban style and individuality.

Non-Profit Beneficiary – The Mary E Smith Foundation


Screenshot 2023-10-11 131730


Miguel Villafuerte III

IMG_6650 - Isabella Incandela

Mischief & Misfits

Isabella Incandela & Bryan McNichols 

The Trans Media & Fashion Show

Meet The Designers

Join us for Chicago FashionBar Week in partnership with Howard Brown Health to showcase our beautiful trans and gender-non conforming models for our Trans Media Fashion Show to highlight the fluidity of fashion, visibility of our trans and gender-nonconforming community, and to voice social integration within the fashion industy and those brands that support inclusion, diversity and culture!

In working with Howard Brown Health, this show will feature Trans and Gender Non-conforming models to bring acceptance, visibility, and a voice to our community. Fashion Designer brands will showcase designs from cultural, classic and modern styles with prints to solids to show the bold and beautiful models walking this show!

Screenshot 2023-10-10 160447

Tony Long

FashionBar Sustainable

THE SHOWS: april 2024 - fall/winter 2024