The Shows: April 2023

Welcome to our Gallery page! 

Here, you can explore the captivating moments from The Shows: April 2023 Chicago FashionBar Week. Immerse yourself in the world of haute couture, innovative designs, and the finest models gracing the runway. 

Click on any image to experience a stunning slideshow view, allowing you to delve deeper into the artistry and creativity of each fashion showcase. 

Enjoy the visual journey of Chicago FashionBar Week! 

Love the Fashion, Raise the Bar!


April 23rd 2023

Showcasing: All mines

Showcasing: Fashionbar Sustainable

Headlining: OUt of the closet

Bridal & kids

April 23rd 2023

Showcasing: GILARDidESIGNS

Headlining: Luminous Bridal

Beautiful Business

April 24th 2023

Showcasing: Fabbri Furs

Trans Media & Fashion

April 27th 2023

Showcasing: FashionBar Sustainable

Showcasing: Fly Heart Designs

Showcasing: Naranji by Sahibzada Mayed

Headlining: DoviArt

modern & ready to wear

April 28th 2023

Showcasing: FromSaj

Showcasing: Jet Juno

Showcasing: Uche

Headlining: still.a.lady

Next Generation Student

April 29th 2023

Showcasing: Nate Zain

Showcasing: catherine cataldo

Headlining: Gilardi Designs

Urban & Street wear

April 28th 2023

Showcasing: J Song

Showcasing: I Skream kultur

Headlining: Feroceame

evening wear

April 30th 2023

Showcasing: BONGIOVANNI - Kate Blaszkiewicz

Showcasing: Akweley Jones

Showcasing: Raj Patel - Karmic Couture

Headlining: Mushou Couture

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