Bridal Evening & Formal

The Bridal, Evening & Formal Show is scheduled for October 20th, 2024!

Prepare to be swept away by an evening of glamour and sophistication at the Bridal, Evening & Formal Show, a dazzling highlight of Chicago FashionBar Week. Step into a world of opulence as designers showcase their exquisite collections, blending bridal, evening, and formal attire seamlessly.

Experience a symphony of luxurious fabrics, intricate embellishments, and captivating silhouettes that epitomize elegance. From flowing bridal gowns to sleek and chic evening ensembles, each creation exudes grace and allure. Join us for a night of enchantment as the runway comes alive with the shimmering beauty of bridal, evening, and formal wear.

This season of Chicago FashionBar Week kicks off with The Designer Reveal on October 6th followed by The Shows from October 15th to October 20th, 2024.  

FashionBar Week and our business partners seek to transform Chicago into the fashion capital of the Midwest by advancing emerging and established talent. We aim to be the fashion bridge between Los Angeles and New York City.

Mary E Smith Foundation

The Mary E Smith Foundation exists“To provide the resources to assist in the early detection and prevention of brain tumors; to support education and research in the neurosciences through scholarships; to award grants to health care organizations; to provide financial assistance for brain tumor screenings for underserved families; to promote healthy living and lifestyles through health awareness; to conduct and/or support community programs dedicated to the improvement of health, wellness and overall quality of life” – Mary E Smith website.

By partnering with the Mary E Smith Foundation, we contribute to the mission of supporting those impacted by brain tumors and promoting advancements in early detection and prevention. 

As we collaborate with the foundation, we showcase the Designer Reveal, Modern Minimalist Show, Ready To Wear Show, and Urban and Streetwear Show, offering a platform for talented designers to express their creativity while raising awareness for the cause supported by the Mary E Smith Foundation. Together, we unite the worlds of fashion and philanthropy to make a meaningful impact and bring attention to the importance of brain tumor research and support.




We recommend parking at Water Tower Place if not, use the SPOT HERO parking app to find the best parking rate. SPOT HERO is available on the Playstore and/or Appstore. Click the Parking logo on the left of this row to download SPOT HERO.

Wheelchair Access

Our shows ensure wheelchair accessibility, providing a welcoming and inclusive experience for all attendees. Please contact us for any wheelchair seating arrangements at [email protected] or for any additional information.