Florinda Fiore


Florinda Fiore aka Fashionista Flo’s passion for fashion started when she was hired as a child model to star in an advertisement for McDonald’s at the tender age of five. As the only daughter of  an Italian mama, little Flo was quite the fashion plate dressing in designer fashion brands. She signed to a modeling agency and began taking Ballet, Jazz and Tap dance classes. Surely this all contributed fuel to Flo’s fashion fire.  As an 80’s teen growing up working the family Deli business Florinda’s entrepreneurial seeds were planted and she became a DIY designer of sorts coming up with the safety pin and jeans craze 5 years before it became a thing. 

Fast forward a few years later she goes into retail as a Manager for Nordstrom’s and also enrolls in Harper College where she majors in Fashion Marketing, Merchandising and Management. During her experiences at Harper College, Flo makes the decision to focus on the business aspects of fashion instead of becoming a fashion designer. With her knowledge growing, Flo moves on to The Illinois Institute of Art Chicago where she graduates with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree. Looking to expand her horizons Flo,  heads out to LA where she is certified in Fashion Styling via Fred Segal and begins an internship for VIBE and SPIN Magazines. Looking for opportunities, Florinda happens upon a seasoned Event Producer and ends up traveling between New York, LA, Las Vegas and Chicago producing shows alongside her new mentor. 

Fully charged and inspired, Flo returns home to Chicago and starts producing her own Fashion Shows and offering Creative Direction, Fashion Consulting and more for a number of Designers. She then goes into Textiles managing a wholesale fabric showroom of which she still provides services to designers. Fashionista Flo has worked for many organizations and has built a reputation as a go getter and move maker. Being so in demand Florinda found herself needing to pool all of her talents together under one umbrella and thus the Fashion House of Fiore &Company was born. You can reach Flo on various platforms of social media where she is active 24/7.